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This weekend we had a fantastic STEMI outcome with Chesapeake Regional Medical Center. CFD M14 was dispatched to a “sick person” {EMD Code 26A03} and since it was an “Alpha” call only a medic unit was sent. On arrival Medic 14, FF/Paramedic Robert Hoag, FF/EMT Romeo Soliven and FF/EMT Anthony Smith, quickly realized this was a cardiac event. After calling for an Engine assist they immediately went to work to meet all of the Cardiac Assessment and Treatment guidelines. Their times were as follows:

STEMI Response Times
FMC (First Medical Contact) to 12 Lead 5 min
FMC to Aspirin Administration 8 min
Total Scene Time 11 min
Total EMS Time 18 min
FMC to Reperfusion in the Cath Lab 74 min

A total time of FMC to reperfusion of 74 minutes is a very impressive time, especially considering that the Cath Lab is not staffed on the weekend. This is well below the 90 minute goal of the STEMI Accelerator Project.

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