2017 Annual VHAC State Meeting Wrap-up

The Virginia Heart Attack Coalition/Mission Lifeline concluded another highly successful annual event last month. Approximately 100 STEMI Stakeholders from across the Commonwealth participated in the 8th annual meeting, held at Centra Lynchburg General in Lynchburg, Va.

Friday Night Lights!

Dr. Narinder Bhalla (AstraZeneca) gave an interesting talk on Ticagrelor and its role in the treatment of ACS at a packed VHAC Social Event at Shoemaker’s Restaurant the Friday before the big day. This was a great chance for the VHAC community to come together and reconnect.

ACTION and GWTG Go Their Separate Ways-So What Now?

The meeting began with a presentation on a critical issue for STEMI state data collection: the separation of the ACTION Registry from Get With the Guidelines. The ACC and the AHA elected not to continue their partnership, leaving STEMI volunteers wondering what to do next. Representatives from NCDR and the AHA were on hand to present the future of these registries, answer questions, and discuss how Virginia might move forward with data collection and reporting.


Regional Reports / Best Practices

EMT’s, Nurses, Administrators, Cardiologists, ED physicians, and AHA staff reviewed data, protocols, and EMS plans and charted a course for the coming months. Tremendous progress continues to be made, as at least two Regions have achieved FMC to Balloon medians of 70 minutes or below. Challenges in other Regions were identified.

VHAC at the Crossroads

Dr. Peter O’Brien gave his annual “State of the Commonwealth” address, outlining the tremendous progress and continued challenges. The median State FMC2b time has dropped from 90 in 2010 to 78 in 2017. It is now on par with other leading states, like North Carolina. The percentage of ambulances in Virginia without 12-lead capability has dropped to 3%!! But continuing unified data collection in the era of ACTION and GWTG is imperative. Transfer STEMI’s continue to lag in performance metrics.

VHAC Update: State of the Commonwealth,  Peter O’Brien, MD, FACC MD

STEMI Zebras, Post-arrest Cath’s, CPR, and Good to Great!

Drs. Paul Frantz and Shon Chakrabarti debated whether post-VT/VF arrest patients should go to the cath lab. Dr. Neal Gaither gave a fascinating presentation on “Zebras in the Cath Lab: STEMI Mimics.” Forrest Winslow, RN, NRP and Dr. Chakrabarti returned to discuss the incredible work done with CPR collaboration in the Tidewater area. Finally, Dr. David Burt discussed how to take a STEMI program from “Good to Great”. He emphasized minimizing pre-hospital time and focusing on the ECG to decision. This centers on the concept of “10-10-10”: 10 minutes to obtain an ECG, 10 to notify the receiving center, and 10 minutes to activate the cath lab.


EMS Award Winners

Another highlight of the festivities was the presentation of Mission Lifeline EMS Recognition Awards! Twenty-six agencies came away with this honor at this year’s meeting.

Left to right-
Robert Turner, Master Firefighter/Registered Paramedic with LFD
Heather Childress, Interim Deputy Chief of Administration with LFD
Christopher Adams, Flight Paramedic with Centra Health and EMS Captain with LFD

EMS Award winners 2017

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