VHAC Encourages Agencies to Apply for Mission:Lifeline EMS Recognition

The American Heart Association will be hosting a webinar on November 16, 2017 about the 2018 requirements for Mission: Lifeline EMS Recognition.

Mission: Lifeline Webinar Invitation

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2018 Mission: Lifeline EMS Information Sheet

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Five Required Measures to Achieve an EMS Recognition Award  

Measure 3 and Measure 2 may not always apply depending on your transport destinations, more rural agencies will have lytic patients where most agencies will not have to report Measure 3.

Achievement Measure 1

Percentage of patients with non-­traumatic chest pain ≥ 35 years, treated and transported by EMS who received a pre- -hospital 12–lead electrocardiogram

Achievement Measure 2

Percentage of STEMI patients treated and transported directly to an STEMI receiving center, with prehospital first medical contact to device time ≤ 90 minutes

Achievement Measure 3

Percentage of lytic eligible STEMI patients treated and transported to an STEMI referring hospital for fibrinolytic therapy with a door–to-­needle time ≤ 30 minutes

Achievement Measure 4

Percentage of pre-hospital 12 lead ECGs performed on patients within 10 minutes of transporting EMS agency arrival to the patient with initial complaint of non-traumatic chest pain and who is ≥ 35 years of age

Achievement Measure 5

The percentage of hospital notifications or 12 Lead ECG transmissions suggesting a STEMI alert (or Cardiac Cath Lab Activation), that are performed within 10 minutes of the first STEMI positive 12 Lead ECG in the field


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